Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Four Brothers - Peel Sessions 1988-89

Perhaps the most internationally successful exports from Zimbabwe, The Four Brothers were founded in 1977 in what was then still Rhodesia by Marshall Munhumumwe and Never Mature with Edward Matigasi and Aleck Chipaika. Munhumumwe, the nephew of Zimbabwean superstar Thomas Mapfumo, wrote most of the band's songs (sung in the Shona language), as well as being group leader, singer and drummer.

John Peel began enthusiastically playing their records in the mid-80s, which ultimately lead to a recording contract with Cooking Vinyl and several tours of the UK. Between 1988-2000, they recorded four sessions for Peel as well as several for Andy Kershaw, and even performed on the same bill as The Fall at Peel's 50th birthday party in 1989.

In 1997 Munhumumwe suffered a stroke following a car crash and was unable to perform with the band again. He passed away in 2001 aged 49, followed by Never Mutare in 2002.

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Rudo Chete
Paso Pano Pane Zvidzo
Wakazvarwa Seyi

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