Wednesday, 11 June 2014

I, Ludicrous - Peel Session 31/5/1987

I, Ludicrous famously came to prominence to the nation after sending a demo tape to Mark E. Smith. Smith was impressed by the demo, but mislaid the contact details, so simply added their name as support act to concert flyers for an upcoming London show. One half of the duo spotted a poster and after a few enquiries the gig did indeed go ahead. Twenty years later, MES would throw the band off the bill midway through a UK tour in 2008 for reasons never fully explained.

Their debut release, a flexi disc by name of Preposterous Tales, became an instant hit with Peel and his listeners, and they were soon invited in to do this session, first transmitted on June 16 1987. Peel remained a fan and gave ample airplay to their sporadic releases over the next 15 years, but surprisingly this was their one and only session for the programme.

Although physical releases have been few and far between in the 21st century, I, Ludicrous are still an ongoing concern, having played a gig in Brighton, sharing a bill with Yeah Yeah Noh and Anal Beard, just last April.

For the latest in preposterous tales and arguments in launderettes, check out the I, Ludicrous official website.
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