Thursday, 5 June 2014

Jegsy Dodd - Peel Session 6/8/1985

One and only session recorded in August 1985 by performance poet Jegsy Dodd. Emerging from the same stomping ground as Half Man Half Biscuit at roughly the same time, Dodd was offered the session after sending Peel a demo tape.
The following year saw the release of debut album Winebars And Werewolves with musical accompaniment by The Sons Of Harry Cross, named after a character in the halcyon days of Scouse soap opera Brookside played by the late actor Bill Dean.
Seven poems were recorded for the show, but alas I only have four. I've never come across this session on t'net before, so I thought I would post regardless.
Dodd continues to perform to this day, sporadically publishing books and releasing albums, his most recent being Loquacious, Loquacious, Loquacious in 2008.
The Day My Flat Turned Weird
Welcome To Hillview Heights
A Scouse Werewolf In London
No Place To Run

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