Thursday, 5 June 2014

One Thousand Violins - Peel Sessions 1985-86

The One Thousand Violins back catalogue has received a well deserved and long overdue exhumation for the first time since Vinyl Japan's Like 1000 Violins in 2000.

Unlike that compilation, Cherry Red's Halcyon Days, released just last month, brings together the complete recordings made with original singer John Wood, with all three singles they released for Dan Treacy's Dreamworld label, as well bonus material on the European counterpart releases only ever issued in Germany on the Constrictor label, and tracks only ever issued on long forgotten indie comps and fanzine flexi freebies.

The two sessions the Lins recorded for John Peel aren't included on the disc though, and as they rarely seem to surface in completion on t'net, it seems appropriate to post these now.

The recording of the first session is a little hissy, but the real treat for fans is the otherwise unavailable cover of Scott Walker's The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore. The band returned to the Maida Vale studios 14 months later to tape what is perhaps their best session, sadly marred by my washy recording. The drumming on these recordings is superb and of the three known studio versions of No One Was Saving The World, this one is my favourite, complete with semi-psychedelic mini-freakout that takes Uncle John by surprise, as you will hear.

Why Is It Always December?
The Candle Man
Though It Poured The Next Day, I Never Noticed The Rain
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
Almost Dead And Nigh On Forty Years To Go
I Was Depending On You To Be My Jesus
If I Were A Bullet (Then For Sure I'd Find A Way To Your Heart)
No One Was Saving The World

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