Saturday, 26 July 2014

Adventures In Stereo - Brand New Day (Bobsled 7" 1997)

Seven 7" Singles In Seven Days #7:
Final instalment of our week long wander into lost wonderment.
Adventures In Stereo were formed in 1994 by Primal Scream founder Jim Beattie and his partner Judith Boyle after their previous outfit Spirea X broke up. Swapping roles with Boyle handling lead vocal duties, the pair were initially joined by Simon Dine who created the rather unique samples that acting as the backing track to the short but sweet songs. Dine would leave the group before the eponymous debut album was released in 1996.
Brand New Day was their fourth single and lifted from their second album Alternative Stereo Sounds, both issued in 1997. Three versions of the single exist: a 2 track 7" and 4 track cd issued in the UK by Creeping Bent, and this here 4 track half clear/half purple 7" issued in the US on Bobsled.
Beattie and Boyle continued for a third album, Monomania released in 2000, adopting a sound similar to pre-Sonic Flower Groove Primal Scream. Since that a time both appear to have dropped out of the music business altogether.

A1 Brand New Day
A2 Pass Me By
B1 Waves
B2 Nobody's Scared

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  1. Saw them live at a tribute night on what would have been Joey Ramone's 50th birthday, a load of bands doing Ramones covers. AIS were one of them and during their set some 80's punk throwback who was even older than me at the time, I'll have been in my early 30's at the time, walked by me wearing studded leather biker jacket, Sid chain and padlock etcetc, muttering "that's not punk" to which I immediately thought "nah, mate, you're not punk"

    They were a really great band and should have been recognised as such by more people but such is the fickle nature of music and taste