Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Age Of Chance - Peel Session 23/6/1986

Second (and final) session from 1986 that the Leeds-based quartet recorded for John Peel. No doubt bedroom-bound, pallid and emaciated youths across the backwaters of the land raised eyebrows until they were obscured by the floppy fringe upon hearing for the first time that Indie warriors of the C86 clan of underachievers dared to cover a song by - gulp! - Prince, and a many a tear was would have been shed into sodden anorak that the real world was beckoning and mother's bosoms would soon cease lactating.

For a more accurate and sensible history of the group, why not pay a visit to the Official Age Of Chance website.

Be Fast Be Clean Be Cheap
From Now On This Will Be Your God
How The West Was Won

Listen to the debut '85 session @ Fruitier Than Thou.

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