Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Buy Off The Bar - Peel Sessions 1986-89

Google Buy Off The Bar and inevitably you get a million and one entries referring to Sugar Minott. Aside from an article of a first hand encounter with the Dutch combo by Crayola Sarandon on xPQwRtz, and a (presumably complete) discography and a tiny photo (the pic I have used is on the back of the 1987 Peel session 10" ep) on discogs, I can find no information about them.

The four piece came from somewhere in Holland, the line up consisting of Michel (vocals, sax), Paul (guitar), Marcel (bass) and Loet (drums). Their first release was a self financed cassette entitled Billy At The Bar in 1985, followed in 1986 by a split 7" with Golden Strings. They released two long players, It's Up To Billy (Ediesta 1987) and Parboiled (Bi-Joopiter 1989), the aforementioned Peel Session 10", and also contributed a track (Free Beer) to a Dutch compilation album 13 Great Bands From The Lowlands.

Four sessions were taped in the space of 33 months for Peel, the first featuring a cover of That Man by The Fall, the second tackling In The Back, a Steve Diggle-penned song for Flag Of Convenience. Sadly I only have two songs their final session from 1989.

Peanut Butter Boy
Commie Come Back
To Shy To Die/That Man
Papa's Music
There's No Fridge On The Bristol Bridge
No Progression
Keyword Control
In The Back
No Money For The Lavatory
Illegal Shed
Go Away
Pleasure Machine
Big Sleep


  1. Many thanks for these, Parboiled remains a fave LP of mine but I've never heard the 1st 2 BOTB sessions before. I definitely have the 2 missing songs from their final session on tape somewhere but have no way of transcribing them - perhaps I could send you a copy of the cassette & be all fussy & 20th century about it? :)