Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Moe Tucker - Peel Session 18/02/1992

Post- Velvet Underground break up, two thirds of the key band members eventually found their way into the BBC Maida Vale studios - the excptions being Lou Reed and Doug Yule. Nico got their first in 1971 and was invited back for a second three years later. The latter was recently issued for the first time as bonus material on the deluxe edition of The End; the former was pressed onto a Strange Fruit 12" ep in 1988. John Cale recorded his one and only Peel session in May 1985, but nearly two decades would pass before another Velvet would get the official Peel seal of approval.
Maureen Tucker - with Sterling Morrison in tow - was touring the UK to promote her latest album, 1991's I Spent A Week There Last Night. Three songs from that lp were showcased for the session, along with new track, Trains, that would feature on what to date is her last album of new studio material, Dogs Under Stress from 1993.
Peel Intro
Blue, All The Way To Canada
Fired Up
Too Shy
Nico's debut '71 session can be found @ I Love Total Destruction,
while her second from '74 is on youtube.
Fruitier Than Thou has the John Cale session.

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  1. Nice to be able to add this to the HD, I've been relying on my 20-year-old cassette 'til now. Isn't Moe's solo stuff great btw - just as good as Cale or Reed's in my opinion? (Possibly better!) Great pic too - sod that Tea Party stuff, she's one of the queens of punk IMO, I just hope Lou left her a few quid to be getting on with...