Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Pixies - Peel Sessions 1990-91

I'm afraid I'm one of the dissenters when asked for an opinion on the Pixies comeback album Indie City, but I won't bore you with the details. Instead let us marvel in awe-inspiring wonderment when it seemed the fiery foursome were the only group that (ever) mattered.

The Pixies recorded seven sessions for the BBC which have been much bootlegged, highlights of which were officially issued in 1997 on 4AD's At The BBC compilation. It was Simon Mayo who first gave the band exposure on British airwaves with a session broadcast on 8th March 1988. However, the four songs (Here Comes Your Man, Down To The Well, Break My Body, Subbaculcha) were leftovers from sessions that Come On Pilgrim (aka The Purple Tape demos). These tracks, along with a further five unreleased from tape would see release on an eponymously-titled album in 2001.

By the close of '88 the Pixies had notched up two sessions for Peel in quick session, followed by a third in 1989 - all available from Vibracobra.  The fourth from 1990 was actually a Black Francis solo session. Is She Weird? was made available on 4AD's Pixies At The BBC set, but all the other tracks - including an early run through of Brian Wilson's Hang On To Your Ego, later to grace Frank Black's 1993 debut lp - remain unreleased.

Two months later the full band line-up were back at Maida Vale, this time to tape a set for Mark Goodier, before returning for a final time to nail down their fifth session for Peelie in 1991.

Hang On To Your Ego
Is She Weird?
Palace Of The Brine
Letter To Memphis
Motorway To Roswell


  1. I had no idea about Simon Mayo's early patronage - consider me stunned!! :)

    1. What d you get when Simon Mayo impersonates a horse?

      Mayo neighs.

  2. hey Sterling - have you heard the WERS session from 1987 - it is pretty exceptional http://teenagedogsintrouble.blogspot.com.au/2012/05/pixies-live-at-wers-1987.html

    1. I think I had that but lost it when my old computer died. Thanks for the reminder.