Friday, 25 July 2014

The Oinklets - The Oink Song (Intape 7" Flexi 1986)

Seven 7" Singles In Seven Days #6
Friday flexi freebie frivolous frolicsome fun!
Oink! was a short lived comic founded by Tony Husband and Mark Rodgers that was first published in May 1986. Devised as a Viz comic for under 18s, it was originally a fortnightly publication that ran for 68 issues until October 1988. Among its staff writers was one Marc Riley.
Oink! proved quite controversial due it's "anarchic" - conservative groups and a chain of newsagents branded the publication unsuitable for children and successfully campaigned to have it "top-shelved" which had a direct effect on sales.
The first issue came with a free two track clear vinyl flexi disc. The identity of the performers has remained a mystery, but vocalist on The Oinklets track sounds like Chris Sievey/Frank Sidebottom, while Uncle Pig (track 2) definitely sounds like Marc Riley, presumably backed by The Creepers. But regardless of whoever was behind them these two quirky pop ditties  are guaranteed to leave you feeling - wait for it - happy as a pig in shit.

A1 The Oink Song - The Oinklets
A2 Oink Rap - Uncle Pig

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