Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Third Eye - Pass Myself (Scarlet International 7" 1982)

Seven 7" Singles In Seven Days #3

Bit of a mystery (and obscurity) this one. The line up consisted of Brad Day (drums), Vulcan Webb (guitar/vocals) and Pete Farrugia (bass). They recorded this "neo-psychedelic|" classic in 1982 which was released in France on the drummers own label Scarlet International, backed with a version of Roky Erickson's May The Circle Remain Unbroken. The single received lots of airplay and sold reasonably well, but no other releases materialised. Apparently the group never played one gig!

Farrugia later went on to play in Danielle Dax's backing band. Other than a brief mention on Farrugia's website, there is no other information to be found on them. Unless of course you know different.
A1 Pass Myself
B1 May The Circle Remain Unbroken


  1. Thanks so much for this, Sterling: I've been searching for a decent recording of this tune for DECADES, my 80's tape of a Peel recording is so worn by now, you wouldn't believe it!

    I cannot thank you enough!!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Dirk. I remember Peel playing the song around 1985-86 and long assumed that was when it was released. I eventually found a copy of the 7" around the millennium at a record shop in Bournemouth. I initially thought £4 was a bit steep, but remembering how good the song was bought it anyway. I was very lucky - it now commands a hefty price tag on the rare occasion it crops up on ebay.

  2. Indeed it does! One of the very few songs Peel played in the mid-80's that are impossible to track down on the internet ...