Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Tortoise - Peel Sessions 1996-98

Both sessions Chicago's post-rock pioneers taped for John Peel in the mid-90s. Cool Britannia may have been sweeping the nation if the brain-pummelling media hype was to be believed, but in the hearts and minds of the more discerning household it was Tortoise and their ilk who ruled the (air) waves.
No new material has been released since 2009's Beacons Of Ancestorship and the last entry on their website was dated September 2011 announcing a score recorded for Blair Witch Project director Eduardo Sanchez.
The Taut And The Tame
Tin Cans And Twine
Aldeia De Olgum
In Sarah Mencken Christ And Beethoven There
I Set My Face To The Hillside
Check out Tortoise live @ ATP 2001 on a post I published in July 2012.

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