Saturday, 2 August 2014

Fflaps - Peel Sessions 1988-90

I must confess Fflaps somehow passed me by back in the day. It was only in the last ten years my ears became acquainted with them when I chanced upon a repeat broadcast of their debut session after downloading a December 1988 Festive 50 show from the late great John Peel Everyday blog .
The "Welsh language post-punk" trio formed in Bangor in 1987 comprising Ann Matthews (vocals/guitar), Alan Holmes (bass) and Jonny Evans (drums). The group signed to Probe Plus for two albums - Amhersain (1988) and Malltod (1990) - and released an eponymously-titled third album on Central Slate in 1992 before calling it a day that same year.
Matthews and Holmes went on to form Ectogram who have released seven albums to date, the most recent being Exo-Celestial in 2011. Holmes also worked as a session musician for Melys and Gorky's Zygotic Mynci as well as in-house sleeve designer for the Ankst label.
Blodyn Tatws (Potato Flower)
 Llosg Llech (Slate Burn)
Pethau Piws (Purple Things)
 Y Dyn Bun (The Grumpy Man)
Malltod (Decay)
Rhowch Hi I'r Belgwyr (Give It To The Belgians)
 Hyll Eto (Ugly Again)
Arwyr Duwiol (Godly Heroes)

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