Sunday, 3 August 2014

Hyper Kinako - Peel Session 20/02/2003

I know next to nothing about this Anglo-Japanese "pop/art-punk rock" five-piece. It seems they only released one 7" single (Don't Delete My Frog b/w Two Tadgers) in 2004 plus had one track (Tokyo Invention Registration Office) on a four way split 7" released on GoJonnyGoGoGoGo label in 2003.
Sounding like a cross between Deerhoof and Melt-Banana, the group consisted of  Phil Archer, Lisa Horton, Greg MacDermott, Toko and Shigeto Wada and ventured into the Maida Vale studios in February 2003 for what would be their only session.
If anyone has any information on this most curious and excellent combo, please leave a comment below.

Fucksake Sujiko
Bika Lika
Two Tadgers
Popping Step
Don't Delete My Frog

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  1. Excellent stuff!

    I've not been able to track down any Hyper Kinako for ages. I was lucky enough to see them twice in Norwich in the early 2000's. It must've been 2003/4 as they were supporting Fonda 500.

    Anyway, they also had a mini CD for sale at gigs with Popping Step, Tokyo Invention Registration Office, and Car & Kettle.