Friday, 8 August 2014

McCarthy - Peel Session 7/10/1986

McCarthy may possibly be considered a footnote in fan-conscience as the band Tim Gane was in before he hit the big time with Stereolab. If so, they'd be wrong and missing out.

The group released debut single In Purgatory on the Wall Of Salmon (!) label in late 1985. They were given wider exposure with their inclusion on the NME's C86 compilation, reissued as a 3cd deluxe box set by Cherry Red in June of this year. Although sharing musical similarities, McCarthy had more lyrical depth than their jangly contemporaries with subject matters going beyond spotty teen crushes, weather conditions and chocolate.

Tim Gane's prolific songwriting nature was already in evidence at this early stage which would go into complete overdrive come the 90s, no doubt causing diehard collectors nightmares and possibly hair and weight loss too in tracking down every 'Lab formatting variant.

McCarthy released a total of  three albums, plus a singles/b sides compilation before calling it a day in 1990. They recorded three sessions for Peel almost exactly a year apart from one another, none of which I've come across in the Land Of Blog before. This is their debut from October 1986.

An MP Speaks
Franz Hals
A Child Soon In Chains


  1. McCarthy were/are simply THE best. I still listen to them loads, which is more than I can say about the teetering pile of Stereolab records that I amassed throughout the '90s, funny that.

    1. I've been on a bit of a Stereolab kick this summer, particularly salivating over my glitter gold copy of Emperor Tomato Ketchup. Must confess I overlooked McCarthy back in the day, but there album are getting the reissue treatment in 2015:

  2. I'm afraid my Stereolab vinyl rarely leaves the shelf nowadays, "glitter gold" or otherwise (actually, wasn't that Transient Random Noise Bursts...?). If you've not heard McCarthy's I Am A Wallet before you're in for a definite treat though, imagine early Felt with hardline left wing lyrics = perfect! Their other LPs aren't bad either... :)

    1. Stereolab issued all manner of formatting variants, so it wouldn't surprise me if there were more glittery and golden editions of other albums. Off-centre pressings were also the order of the day - hello Fluorescences 12" and Wow & Flutter 10".