Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Mogwai - Peel Sessions 1996-2003

Complete set of sessions by Mogwai - the first three taped at Maida Vale, while the last two were performed live to air in front of a small studio audience. What more is their to say?

Superheroes Of BMX
Summer (Priority Version)
Waltz For Joe
Mogwai Salute The Brilliance Of Steve Lamacq
Procedure 4 (Xmas Steps)
Ex- Cowboy
Don't Cry
New Paths To Helicon
Spoon Test
Yes, I Am A Long Way From Home
Nick Drake
You Don't Know Jesus
Radar Maker
My Father My King
Hunted By A Freak
Kids Will Be Skeletons
Killing All The Flies
Stop Coming To My House
Golden Porsche
Ratts Of The Capitol
I Know Who You Are But Who Am I?
Helicon 1


  1. You are outdoing yourself, my friend! Where are U getting these amazing sessions from?!

    1. Some of them have come from a disc a friend gave me recently of a JP Torrent Compilation. Never figured out how to work torrents, but thankfully won't have to now!