Friday, 1 August 2014

Plant Bach Ofnus - Peel Sessions 1988-91

Both sessions mysterious and elusive Welsh (husband/wife?, brother/sister?) duo recorded for John Peel. I know virtually nothing about them and very little info of substance - not even a photo - is to be found on them. Discogs lists three 7" eps and a cassette-only album released between 1988-90, each on different labels.
Gorwel Owen later went on to produce Gorky's Zygotic Mynci from Tatay to Spanish Dance Troupe and possibly beyond, as well as working with Datblygu and Super Furry Animals.
Sadly, both sessions are incomplete, one track missing from each session. If anyone has the missing tracks or more details on Plant Bach Ofnus, please leave a comment below.
Llwyd (Grey)
Awst (August)
Pydredd (Rot)
Saith (Seventh)
Curiad & Bass = Groove
Cyfnod Pump (Phase 5)
For more info go to Gorwel Owen's website

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