Sunday, 3 August 2014

Ronnie Ronalde - Peel Session 19/05/2002

 Nice Sunday afternoon music.
Ronnie Ronalde was one of Peel's earliest musical heroes, a London-born singer, whistler (or siffleur/imitator of birdsong to be precise) and yodeller who was a big star in music hall during the 1940s and 50s. As the 60s dawned and rock 'n roll captured the imagination of the teenage public, Ronalde's popularity had declined and by the 1980s he had settled with his family in New Zealand.
In the early noughties, Peel was out and about on one of his regular record shopping trips in the capital when he came across an album of Ronalde's. Peel played a track on his show one night and was subsequently inundated with email requests for more, eventually airing all tracks from the album over a period of time.
Out of the blue, one day he received an email from Ronnie himself. Plans were afoot for a UK tour in 2002 - logically enough Peel jumped at the chance to invite him for a session and studio time was hastily booked in Maida Vale 4.

Peel Intro
Trish Trash Polka
O Sole Mio
Mockingbird Hill

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