Thursday, 7 August 2014

Terry Edwards - Peel Sessions 1991-99

All four sessions in completion that Terry Edwards recorded for the John Peel wing ding. Edwards first came to prominence in the early 80s as trumpet player for The Higsons, a band he co-founded whilst studying at the University of East Anglia.

At the start of the 90s Edwards was fronting his own band, later to evolve into The Scapegoats, and released a single covering songs by The Fall and The Jesus and Mary Chain. As well as penning and performing his own original material, some interesting cover choices are spread across these for sessions, ranging from Miles Davis to Motorhead, via James Brown and even a Napalm Death medley!

Edwards has worked with a variety of musicians and artists including Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch, Tom Waits, Gallon Drunk and Faust to name but a few.

All four sessions have appeared on difficult to find (unless you reside in Scandinavia, so it seems)official releases back in the 90s, although there's merchandise aplenty to be found at the Sartorial label's website.

Terry Edwards is due to play the Peel Regenerated festival in Stockton-On-Tees this October. Also featuring other Maggot Caviar favourites including Nightingales, Wolfhounds, Eton Crop, A Witness, a reformed Terry & Gerry and many more. Details on Facebook.
Napalm Death Medley
Lubbock, Texas
Hey Louis, Let's Do Lunch
It's Showtime
Five Years
I Like The Low-Life Low
Boots Off!
Sick Thru Drunk
Cover Versions
Sex Machine
Ace Of Spades
Spill The Beans

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