Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Make-Up - Peel Session 17/11/1999

The Make-Up formed in Washington DC in 1995 from the ashes of National Of Ulysses. Disillusioned with alternate/indie rock in the wake of the Nirvana explosion, the new-founded group set out to perfect a hi-energy mix of garage punk fused with soul and gospel, with live performances utilising the audience as a collective fifth member.

The group released four studio albums, two live albums, plus a compilation album of several limited edition singles and b sides until their dissolution in 2000. They recorded two sessions for the John Peel Show: the first in April 1997 and this their second showcasing three tracks from what would be their last official studio album Save Yourself as well as a version of Every Baby Cries The Same, a single they released around this time.

Following The Make-Up's demise, Ian Svenonius has gone on to release solo albums, formed Weird War with Neil Hagerty of Royal Trux, become a published author, and has hosted an online TV show interview artists and musicians from the "indie underground", including Billy Childish, Genesis P-Orridge and Mark E. Smith. The band reformed for a one-off performance at ATP in 2012.

Call Me Mommy
I Am Pentagon
Every Baby Cries The Same
The Prophet

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