Saturday, 9 August 2014

The Pastels - Peel Sessions 1997-99

I posted The Pastels debut Peel session from 1984, along with the unbroadcast Kid Jenson session from the same year, back in April 2013.  By the time they followed it up thirteen years later The Pastels had evolved into an entirely different beastie:  the pastel-painted pop punk of olde had been replaced by a more pastoral perculation of post-rock.

The '97 session kicks off with Ship To Shore (possibly exclusive to this session, unless you know different), followed by a cover the Silver Jews Advice To The Graduate. The acclaimed Illumination album gets a shot of publicity with a version of On The Way. Frozen Wave - a track only otherwise available on the b side to Unfair Kind Of Fame - fades out after little over a minute due to running out of tape!

In Pastels terms, the third session arrived pretty hastily. Opening number Star is introduced by Peel as as a cover of the "Hallelujah psychedelic masterpiece". I don't know the original but would like to. The next two tracks would not appear on record for another 14 years! Secret Music opened last summer's excellent Slow Summits album, while Rundown Rendezvous is an early stab at what became thee album's title track. The last song is a version of Mechanised from 1997's Illumination.

Ship To Shore
Advice To The Graduate
On The Way
Frozen Wave
Rundown Rendezvous
Secret Music

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