Saturday, 25 October 2014

Peelfest! #4

It doesn't seem possible that a whole decade has elapsed since the passing of John Peel. While his former colleagues are being exposed as paedos and pervs, Peel's legacy remains undiminished and will quite possibly inspire future generations of musicians with the misfortune of being too young to have had the pleasure of listening to his shows first time around.
So here we have the fourth - and final - Peelfest!, kicking off with two much-bootlegged-but-still-commercially-unreleased Syd-era Pink Floyd sessions from 1967, Peel's first year of broadcasting at Radio 1. Ideally, it would have been fitting to end this post with a session from 2004, but all I had from that year was The Magic Band's set which is already available @ Life Has Surface Noise (along with the ATP set from April 2003), so it seems pointless duplicating it here.
And so it seems appropriate to call time on my life as a blogger and consign Maggot Caviar to the flotsam of cyberspace, until rediscovered a hundred years from now by a futuristic music obsessive commuting to work by jetpack, whose genetically-modified cerebellum with built in Wi-Fi accidently stumbles across these archaic but perfectly preserved pages.
Nostalgia be damned!
 But as Shaw Taylor used to say on Police 5: Keep 'em Peeled!
Matilda Mother
The Gnome
Reaction In G
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
Vegetable Man
Scream Thy Last Scream
Pow R Toch H
Jugband Blues
Fone Bone
Pipe Dream
I Will Never Be The One To Break Your Heart
Please Please Please
Glasgow Dreamer Ep 15
Glasgow Dreamer Ep 14
The River Bends
Local Natural Sounds
Free Wood
A Warm Bucket
The Book
A Big Head
Carry On Dancing
A Romantic Man
01 Paid Cheto Ar Pam (Don't Cheat On Pam)
If Fingers Were Xylophones
Plethau (Things)
Long Was The Year
Echo's Answer
Where Youth and Laughter Go
The Drinking Eye
Pro-Your Life
Tiny Girls
Leave The Day Free
Come On Over To My House
Bad Girl
I'll Keep Holding On
Village Of Love
 Song For The Family
Wake Up To The World
At Your Luau
Nothing Here
Lover Lover
Your Priorities
HD Rider
Show Me The Roof
Winners Lose
Running Around
I Don’t Mind
Colour Me In
And if you are reading this a hundred years from now, hello from beyond the grave and don't forget to leave a comment!
Thanks very much for listening......Goodnight.



  1. NOOOOOOOOOO!!! Don't knock your blog on the head, just post something when you have something decent to share, or when your get the bug for it again. I'd be v. sad to see you go! :)

    1. You are too kind, Mr. Rooksby. I'm all out of Peel sessions now - besides they're cropping up here, there and everywhere these days, which wasn't always the case a few years back.

      But I haven't quite exhausted my archive - I have a few Bogshed shows that I never got around to sharing, although I cherry picked the best ones to post on here.

      Who knows, maybe in a few years I will have accumulated more of today's forgotten sounds of tomorrow and the blog bug may bite once more!

  2. A "monthly Maggot bulletin" please. :)

    Do you record much of Marc Riley's R6 stuff, I'm way out of touch with all that digital jibber-jabber?

    1. I've got a grand total of 15 at this point in time. I lost a few dozen when my old desktop crashed last year.

      But I use Audacity now, so I can record streaming audio. A lot easier than wiring up the DAB to the laptop

  3. Sterling, man, don't do that! I visit your blog on a daily basis and always find something interesting. So don't go, okay!!??

    1. I'm getting emotional now guys *sniff*

  4. Oh dear, don't get all menopausal on us, old chap! :)